My kitchen is magick! I tell this to people often, even to my non-magickal friends. Usually it receives polite giggles. Because they don’t know … I’m not kidding. My family and close friends however, know otherwise. I actually mean it literally. We discovered this slowly after we bought our house almost seventeen years ago. I mean one expects the kitchen of a witch to produce magickal things. Mine on the other hand, does this of its own accord.

I believe it began some years back with the cute little ‘Let it Snow’ sign I bought for a buck just before Yule. Innocently, I hung it in our kitchen. Which it happens, is in the very front of and is the most used, and most heavily trafficked room in our house. Where I live in the Northwest is sort of notorious for having mild, rainy winters and though it does occasionally happen, snowstorms are a rarity. Shortly before New Year’s Eve of this particular year it began to snow, heavily … followed by an ice storm, followed by more snow. By the time it was over a foot and a half of snow and ice lay on the ground and foot long icicles hung from everything. The town practically shut down more than a week. Neat! We thought.

The following year, I put the same sign up in the kitchen with the same results. Inches and inches of snow and ice. Hmmm, that’s strange.

Right around this same time I decided to decorate our kitchen with a farmhouse theme, because something about it just screams country to me. Unfortunately the only similar type decor widely available at the time seemed to revolve around chickens. Well, okay. I like chickens and eventually would like to keep them. So I made some gingham curtains and started collecting. Once my friends and family started to see the poultry popping up, it snowballed from there. I had more cocks than I knew what do with! And yes, the jokes have been endless.

Funny part was, that Spring we began to notice a rooster crowing in our neighborhood. As the weeks went on, the crowing got closer. Soon we started to see a black banty rooster running around our yard. Now folks, I don’t live anywhere even remotely rural. I can walk to the center of downtown, just by crossing a river in 15 to 20 minutes and drive there in 3 to 5. Also, at that time poultry wasn’t allowed to be kept in our city. This chicken took up residence in our yard and lived here as a stray, nesting in evergreen needles, eating bugs and birdseed … for two years. This was when we began to notice this connection and numerous others between what goes on in our kitchen and what seems to manifest in our lives.

So we started to consciously post the things we wanted. On the fridge, on a cork board, on the walls. It’s become quite the joke around here. Especially in the winter when my husband and daughter hope for snow. More than once I’ve heard my husband teasingly yell from the kitchen, “Damn it woman, why haven’t you put that sign up yet?” Incidentally, since then, it has snowed here every year I’ve put the sign up, and hasn’t the years I’ve forgotten. Never as dramatically as those first years, but I think maybe that was just the two by four it took to get our attention.

The up side of this is we have about a ninety percent track record of getting the things we post in our kitchen, both words and pictures. The down side is we’ve got to be careful about what we wish for. Because this seems to be as effective for the positive as well as the unintentionally negative energy we might put out in there!

Years ago online I ran across a place you could buy the spheres from the Tree of Life in magnet form and have always wanted to get them to put on my fridge just to see what happens. If I ever do I’ll be sure to share what kind of magick that brings. Also, I’ve threatened several times to start framing and putting up pictures of a million dollars in there. But I then, I’ve never been sure I really want that.