My name is Jenasteria and I’m a forty-something wife, empty-nested mother, long time solitary witch, and INFJ, living and practicing in the Pacific Northwest. Much of my life has been spent haunting the edges of circles … social, professional, mundane, magickal, mainstream, alternative, or otherwise. Inevitably, either others turn out to not be a good fit for me, or I end up being too, or not enough, ‘something’ to be ‘whatever’ for them.

With the exception of the deep relationships I’ve cultivated with the spirits, animals, plants, the earth, stars, and a select few of my fellow humans, I am predominately self-taught, and practice almost entirely alone. I’ve studied countless spiritual and magickal systems over the years, and while many of them speak to me and aspects of them have found a place in my life, there isn’t a single one I’ve run across that has been a perfect fit. I am the perpetual square peg, and rather than continue to seek my place in world of round openings, I’ve simply created my own. I do my own thing, in my own space, my own way. I am an expert on nothing, save myself, and even that is questionable.

Recently, I am compelled to share some of my experiences and practices here and, despite my lifelong struggle to meaningfully connect with others, I am very much interested in hearing from those for whom they may resonate.

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