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I Was a Teenage Witch


I found witchcraft and the occult, or it found me, in the mid eighties. I was a rebellious teen with big hair, an obnoxious amount of make up, a rocky home life, some pretty shady friends, and some really dangerous habits. It was then, I unexpectedly discovered that the things I had felt and believed my entire life, and had been vaguely alluded to by some of my family members, had names and were real things actually learned, taught, and practiced by others.

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Armchair Magick


What’s more important knowledge or skill? A former teacher of mine used to ask this on a regular basis. Though it took me longer than I thought to really value the wisdom in this question, or its answer.

Growing up my family valued intelligence above most other things, often more than skill or sometimes even first hand experience. So it’s not surprising that most of my life I’ve thought knowledge was a thing to be coveted. Since I do still think this, though maybe now to a different degree, it’s not surprising that for quite a while my answer to the question was knowledge. But how does that compare in value to the application of skill? One can certainly have read a book on a subject and probably be able to relate what was learned from it, but how can that information become applied without the addition of skill?

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